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Shenzhen Shiwei New Energy Co., Ltd.
맞춤 제조업체
Guangdong, China
주요 제품:골프 카트 Lifepo4 배터리, 지게차 Lifepo4 배터리, 관광 버스 Lifepo4 배터리, 고전압 Lifepo4 배터리, AGV Lifepo4 배터리
Annual sales US $2,515,600Quality management certifiedSample-based customizationSupplier assessment procedures
This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,
세계 최고의 검사 업체에 의해 현장에서 검증됨, TUV Group
CERTIFICATEABOUT US10 +3000 +60000 +Years of experienceSquare MetersPoject Complete
  • Shenzhen Shiwei New Energy Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, China, is a new energy high-tech enterprise with strong research and development strength and innovation strength. The company's core R&D team members have focused on battery management system research and development for more than 10 years.